4 Great Alternative Uses for Area Rugs

Area rugs add flair, protection, and comfort to a floor, but nowadays, more people are using them for purposes aside from decorative floor pieces. You can join in on the alternative uses for area rugs, and enjoy simple pleasures you never before knew existed. Want to know a few of the best alternative ways to use area rugs cumming ga? Read four of the top ideas below.

Idea 1:  Window Shades

You need something to cover the windows. Area rugs are sold in many sizes, shapes, patterns, and designs.  You can easily place them on the windows in the living room or any other room in the home. Why not turn the once floor-decor into a window treatment that turns heads and leaves impressions?

Idea 2: Kids Play Mat

Although it does not require a lot of handy work to turn an area rug into a children’s play mat, you should take precautions to ensure the rug is safe for the little ones to play on before adding it to their room. Shagged rugs aren’t a good option for a play mat.

Idea 3: Artwork

Want to decorate a bare wall? Don’t spend a small fortune to acquire a piece of artwork from the gallery. Instead, use an area rug to magically create a unique piece of work for your walls. You’re sure to get many compliments on your stylish decor.

Idea 4: Lamp Shade

Everyone needs lamp shades throughout the home, but many people are bored with the same usual styles and patterns sold at the stores, and the flabbergasted prices for unique pieces. A little DIY lampshade creation provides the chance to turn your favorite area rug into a unique lamp shade. You’ll feel rewarded with the completion of this project.